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Servo-powered applications
Servo-powered applications

Mounting cables for fixed and active installations meet the needs of modern electrical installations

Applications in the machinery industry
Applications in the machinery industry

Industrial connectors are suitable for harsh environments, reliably protect interfaces and ensure reliable power, data and signal transmission

Applications in the energy industry
Applications in the energy industry

The high-voltage connection of the battery of the energy storage system is applied to the high-voltage connection of the positive and negative poles between the battery packs of the chemical energy storage system

Application of control systems
Application of control systems

3F Electronics’ control system cabling solutions make it easy to plan, assemble and debug automated system

Application of medical industry
Application of medical industry

High-tech connectors for modern medical technology, permanent performance and a high degree of fault protection are essential

Applications in the automotive industry
Applications in the automotive industry

3F Electronics provides a complete set of high-voltage wiring harness connections and compact AC charging gun solutions for new energy vehicles

Product Technology

A well-conceiving connection can improve your efficiency.
3F Electronics' products create added value in planning, installation and operation.
Hybrid M Cables
Hybrid cables provide a universal connection solution for communication interfaces and high-performance motor connections. They enable you to easily transmit data, signals, and power through a connector. Benefit from compact industrial-grade cable design.
Power And Signal Set Cables
Prefabricated cables can be used to easily connect sensors and actuators in the field to achieve signal and power transmission. 3F Electronics provides cables of various models and materials.

Industry Application

Committed to developing powerful and comprehensive solutions,
performing well in creating customer value and satisfaction.

About 3F Electronics

Dong Guan 3F Electronics Co., Ltd. is a productive enterprise with independent research and development, manufacturing of high-performance industrial connectors (photovoltaic connectors, circular connectors, high-voltage connectors, waterproof connectors, etc.), wiring harnesses (industrial wiring harnesses, automotive wiring harnesses), and is also a provider of one-stop solutions for new applications.


Follow the latest developments in the cable harness and connector industry.
21 July 2023
With the continuous development of robot fieldbus technology, its application field is no longer tied to car manufacturing, but has also been widely used in industrial equipment, industrial automat...
22 June 2023
Intelligent measurement and control wire and cable is a new type of wire and cable products, which integrates modern technology and traditional wire and cable manufacturing technology, and realizes...
21 May 2023
PVC plastic is not only used in wire and cable insulation, but also widely used in sheaths. Used as a sheath, PVC plastic requires good corrosion resistance, sufficient mechanical properties, softn...
06 April 2023
Flexible servo cable is a high-performance cable that can withstand high mechanical stress and has precise electrical parameters, suitable for real-time control and data transmission of various hig...

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