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Energy Industry

Energy storage battery high voltage connector
  • Connector solutions for the fast-growing energy storage market
  • Fast plugging, safe and reliable, space-saving and other performance
  • Low application cost, solving the problem of traditional terminal blocks and Busbar expensive installation and maintenance costs
  • It is the preferred solution for a new generation of energy storage systems

High voltage connection of energy storage system battery

It is applied to the positive and negative high voltage connection between the battery pack of chemical energy storage system. We have leading crimp technology and equipment to provide energy storage connectors with integrated high-voltage cable.
  • With secondary locking function, it is safer and more reliable
  • With key error prevention, 360° blind mating, 360° rotation after mating
  • The withstand voltage grade is 1000V~1500V, and it can carry 60A~400A current
  • Working temperature -40°C to 125°C
  • The insulation is made of cross-linked polyethylene for more durability
  • Products are used in energy storage cabinets, mobile energy storage vehicles, wind power stations, photovoltaic power stations, energy storage battery pack

One-stop shop to provide you with finished system solutions

Whether it is a standard product or a customized solution, 3F Electronics can provide you with finished products through one-stop service. From concept to development to the final system solution, the same contact person accompanies you through all production steps and thus reaches solutions efficiently and quickly.

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