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Product Technology

Whether it is a standard product or a customized solution, 3F Electronics can provide you with finished products through one-stop service.
混合M型线缆 混合M型线缆

Hybrid M Cables

Hybrid cables provide a universal connection solution for communication interfaces and high-performance motor connections. They enable you to easily transmit data, signals, and power through a connector. Benefit from compact industrial-grade cable design.
电源和信号组型线缆 电源和信号组型线缆

Power And Signal Set Cables

Prefabricated cables can be used to easily connect sensors and actuators in the field to achieve signal and power transmission. Phoenix Electric offers a wide range of cable variants and materials. For application requirements higher than those specified in traditional industrial environments, 3F Electronics provides a series of customized products. We are also happy to provide individual solutions on request.