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Medical Application

High-tech connectors for modern medical technology

Permanent performance and a high degree of fault protection are essential in medical technology. As interface specialists, we develop and produce individual systems as well as standard solutions for your medical applications. From MRI equipment to endoscopes, we design all connectors to the strictest regulations and relevant standards.
  • High speed and high density process
  • Disinfectable, auto sterilize under high pressure
  • EMC/EMI shielding
  • Fiber, hybrid, and non-magnetic connectivity options
  • Waterproof (IP50, IP67 and IP68), airtight option
  • Optional anti-kink sleeve and cable wrap

Customized wrapping for small batches

Flexible overmolding: A special feature of cable assembly is individual overmolding for samples and small batch production. This allows us to offer you a high degree of flexibility, short delivery times and economical prices. Our state-of-the-art production facilities ensure worldwide supply.

One-stop shop to provide you with finished system solutions

Whether it is a standard product or a customized solution, 3F Electronics can provide you with finished products through one-stop service. From concept to development to the final system solution, the same contact person accompanies you through all production steps and thus reaches solutions efficiently and quickly.

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